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About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is what’s known as a “pervasive developments disorder.” What this translates to, is a condition that affects the social and communication skills of a person. To a greater or lesser degree, (depending on the severity of the condition), motor and language skills. When this diagnosis was introduced it was done so with such a broad range that there can be many variations. For example a person with autism can be fairly chatty or silent; they can range from high IQ’s to mental retardations. No two people with autism can be described as the same since one can be extremely affection and the other complete cold.

Autism can be characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and no verbal communication or severely limited activities and interests. Autism is known as autism spectrum disorder and can include Asperger Syndrome, Rett syndrome and other disorders not otherwise categorized. There are three distinct behaviors that characterize autism. Autistic children have extreme difficulties with social interaction of any kind, the inability to communicate verbally and non verbally and the repetitive behaviors that are obsessive in interest. These behaviors can range from mild cases to disabling.

It is important to note that people with autism can be termed what known as “high functioning”. This means they are able to obtain an education, hold a job and can live independently. While others diagnosed with autism can need treatment and psychiatric care long term. There is a broad range in this diagnosis, but generally people with autism have trouble functioning in society.

Some who have been diagnosed with autism may benefit from behavioral therapy which will develop their social and interpersonal skills. With this diagnosis, it is highly unlikely that a person with autism will ever be able to form a relationship if their case is severe. With the inability to communicate, share information and discuss experiences, it can be next to impossible. Correctional therapy can be intensive, but if diagnosed early may assist in the difficulties which would present them selves on a daily basis.

Autism is a complex disorder. A comprehensive evaluation should be done by a team or multidisciplinary. This would include a psychologist, a neurologist, a psychiatrist and speech therapist. Having these team members conduct a thorough neurological assessment. These assessments include cognitive, language and hearing testing. With different issues, they can present similar to symptoms of autism. Having an evaluation done by a host of professionals who can diagnose autism is the most concrete way to get your information. Once your assessment is complete, you can then move forward to treatment.


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