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Autism and ADHD

For reasons unknown, ADHD and Autism have become and epidemic worldwide over the last decade. There are many opinions surrounding the cause of while this condition has escalated so rapidly. With autism encompassing so many varying degrees of the disease, the disorder is knows as “autism spectrum disorder”. The symptoms of this disorder generally effect three central areas; communication, interaction, and behavioral development.

ADHD is attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. Adults generally are classified as having ADD due to symptoms of hyperactivity diminishing with age. Symptoms of this disorder can parallel that of autism’s Symptoms can present similar as trouble with concentration, inability to follow instructions, easily distracted and is unable to plan or organize events. Fidgeting, with no concept of proper behavior which may include talking uncontrollably, blurting out words or interrupting conversations. There is no blood analysis or brain scans to diagnose this disorder so it can difficult to establish which disorder is at hand. The only solution offered for ADHD is medication, while with autism there are a wide variety of therapies available for correctional behaviors. As autistic symptoms often manifest as a person matures, it is often very difficult to diagnose in the younger child. A diagnosis of autism offers a variety of resources to help parents of an autistic child cope with the devastating effects of the condition. For a child ADHD, medical treatment is the only course of action offered, and most times this disorder is misdiagnosed which leaves the real issues untreated. With medication being the only solution offered, most parents are unwilling to continue to heavily medicate their child.

ADHD research focuses on the features of the disorder; autism research examines the disorder for root causes so more effective treatments can be developed. Each if the disorders are both developmental while sharing similar features. These disorders both effect individuals in the same three central areas of communication, social interaction and behavior. This can be the explanation for the confusion arises with medical professionals as to the correct diagnosis of the disorder presenting itself.

A common symptom between autism and ADHD is that both disorders have individuals suffering from fine motor skills as well as the impulse driven behaviors. In some cases autistic individuals are unable to respond emotionally whatsoever. Researches for both conditions view each disorder as starting from the same biological place. This starting point is referred to as a deficit in the executive function in the frontal lobes. Autism and ADHD research bears out a common set of behaviors and processes linked with impairments in the brains function.

In the medical community when screening for ADHD, screening for autism should be routine, since both disorders are so closely related it can be easy to misdiagnose.

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