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Suggested Autism Treatments for Children

When your child is diagnosed with Autism you may find yourself unsure of how to treat them. Parenting can become and even more difficult task if you are unsure of where to place boundaries or how to even establish them. There are a few key points that can be considered when entering into this new stage of parenting. Try keeping the expectations high. Your child should still be expected to complete all tasks which are within his or her ability. This may take some advice from your support systems whether it’s your doctor or behavioural therapist. They can help you decide where your child is at, and if he or she can handle the expectations set. For instance, he or she should be expected to put away all the toys or materials that he or she plays with. It is the same with any child, although the length of time or how you convey it may be different. Placing these expectations is important to your child’s growth. That is, task completion should always be an expectation. In some circumstances such as if the child becomes distressed, it may be necessary to reduce the length or size of a task. Which means only pick up half the toys at that particular time. These little tools will help you and your child arrive at a routine that works well for both of you.

It is critical that the people who will be involved in dealing with your child on a daily basis realize doing so must be in a consistent fashion. This includes following through on their requests to him or her. The reason for this is that consistency will help the child to generalize the skills. This leads to helping your child to learn to all of his or her environments. Parents should know that it is recommended that coordinated programming be implemented in all your child’s usual environments. This means home, school and where ever else your child spends quality time. Having things such as "ground rules" should be decided upon with all those who are involved in your child’s regular care. It is important to have everyone involved your child care process all aware of what you as the parents are trying to accomplish. Regular meetings and a communication notebook that the child carries may facilitate the communication process which can alleviate stressful situation for both parents and child.

A with any child or even more so, children with Autism will have outbursts of anger. If your child has temper tantrums, it is important that these tantrums be dealt with in a consistent fashion. Just because your child has a spectrum disorder, he or she can still learn what appropriate behaviour is, what is acceptable and what is not. The child will soon learn that tantrums are not an appropriate method of getting one's needs met. Conveying this method of behavioural control to all people involved will help on a number of levels. If all of the people he or she encounters respond to them in a similar fashion it will be that much easier to handle. Remember, things generally get worse before they get better and getting discouraged early on won’t help your child or you in the long run. Children sometimes act up more often when parents first begin a behaviour change program. The thing to remember is to be patient and be persistent.

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