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What Causes Autism

It is widely thought that there is no known cause for Autism. It can be best categorized that there are abnormalities in the brain structure or function. With neurologists brain scans showing different shape and structure in the brain of a child with autism versus a child with neuro-typical activity, it is hypothesized that this is an indicator.

Scientists in the field cannot be certain what causes Autism but how found some common occurrences. Things such as genetics and environment certainly play a large role in the onset of this disease. Researchers have been able to identify a number of associated genes. Upon reviewing studies, researchers have also found that irregularities in several regions of the brain when using people with autism as subjects. There have alternate studies conducts that have suggested people with autism have abnormal levels of serotonin or other neurotransmitters. What this abnormality is suggesting is that in fetal development any defects that would control brain growth and regulate how brains cells communicate with each other can be a contributing factor in having autism. It can also be environmental factors or genetics effecting fetal development that have a hand in contributing to autism. While all these finds may prove to open a door in the cause of autism, they are still in the preliminary stages and require more study.

There can also be case made to say that there is likelihood that some people more than others will have a predisposition to have autism. In most cases genetic factors do play a key role. With multiple genes being involved, studies have identified possible candidates in genes that come together. While symptoms of autism usually present in the first three years of life, it can be diagnosed at any age. These symptoms will continue to emerge and change through life and with autism having such a wide range of severity it can be difficult to pinpoint in some cases. As there is no reproducible genetic or biological marker for the disorder it can not be diagnosed in one medical visit. There are a host of symptoms that will occur which can cause concern.

In many families there appears to be a pattern of autism or related disabilities which further supports a genetic basis to this disorder. There has not been one gene designated as the cause for the disorder, researchers are looking for a code that will indicate irregular segments of genetic code that can be an identifier in this disorder. It has been noticed that some children are susceptible to autism, although there has been definition of the “trigger” that causes it.

Since there is no curse for autism, therapies and behavioral interventions are available and tailored to attempt remedy at specific places of issue. Autism has a wide spectrum of disorders with a wide range of severity. Seeking out therapy will depend on what symptoms have been presented causing the most issue.

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