Causes of Temper Tantrums Among Autistic Children

By Janessa

Just like any other child, autistic children also have their share of temper tantrums. This usually occurs when the child feels frustrated or when the child does not get what he wants or what he needs.

While temper tantrums are particularly stressful for the parents, the teachers and the caregiver of the autistic child, it must be noted that the child is likewise experiencing a particularly stressful experience too. Hence, the temper tantrum.

In this regard, it would be good to know that the temper tantrum is the physical manifestation of the turmoil that the child is experiencing within him. He is frustrated, overwhelmed and is possibly experiencing a lot of different emotions which he is unable to handle. Keep in mind that a child does not have a temper tantrum just because he feels like having one. He is having a temper tantrum because he is feeling chaos inside him and he does not know how to handle it.

For the autistic child, there are many factors which can contribute to this feeling of chaos. Some of these factors include the following:

1. Too much noise

Having too much noise can cause the child to feel stressed. Try to keep the noise level of the child’s surroundings constant and be prepared for any unexpected noise. It would be good to understand that having simultaneous things happening around the child overstimulates him and results to a temper tantrum.

2. Too many people

While bringing your child along with you to a crowded place or to an event may be prevented, there are certain times when you just can’t leave him behind. If you know that you will be bringing him to a crowded place, it is a good idea for you to prepare your child for this by letting him know what will happen. Let him know where you are going and how long you will be there. It is very important that he knows what to expect.

3. Changes in routine

It is very important that you religiously stick to your child’s daily schedules and activities. Keep in mind that any changes to the child’s daily routine can cause him to feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Always eat on a regular schedule and have him take his naps at exactly the same time. Having a regular and consistent schedule for the child to follow is not only comforting to the child but will also help avoid any temper tantrums.

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