How Social Stories Help Your Autistic Child

Social stories are a great tool to help autistic children understand and respond to difficult social situations. This tool can be used by both the teacher and the parent as it is relatively easy to create one.

The most important thing that you need to consider when you create a social story for your child is your child’s special interest or need as this will determine the topic of your social story. What kind of social story will your child be interested in? You want him to read or listen to the social story. You don’t want to create a social story that your child will not pay attention to. You want him to be engaged and curious.

At the same time, you also want your social story to address your child’s particular need. You want him to learn from the story. You want him to identify with it and to benefit from it. Maybe your child is worried about going to school. Use this situation and create a story that revolves around it.

Start the story by describing the situation. Identify the setting, the people involved and what the story is about. For example, you can start the story by describing a young child who is going to school for the first time. The child could be in his room dressing up for the first day of school.

You should then provide a perspective of the child. What is he feeling? What is he thinking? Maybe he is feeling nervous about the new school and about the new people that he will meet. He could be scared to go to school and would rather stay at home. It would be best that you stay close to what your child is feeling and use this in your social story. This way, he will be able to relate more.

The next step is to give a directive to the child. What is he supposed to do in this situation? What is an appropriate reaction to the situation? Explain how the appropriate action and reaction will benefit the child and the people around him.

Keep on reading the social story until such time that your child is able to exhibit the required and appropriate response in the social situation.


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