Teaching Your Autistic Child to Write

By Janessa

When teaching handwriting to autistic children, it is important that you are aware of the issues that you and your child will face when learning how to write. Keep in mind that many autistic children have weak fine motor skills which makes it more difficult for them to learn the skill.

Here are some tips to help you teach handwriting to your child. With patience and these tips, your child will be able to learn this skill.

The first thing you need to do is to evaluate the level of your child’s fine motor skills. Check for activities that can help develop your child’s fine motor skills and try to include this in his daily activities. Some examples are: finger painting, squeezing stress balls, lacing beads on a string and even just playing with sand and water.

Secure some writing materials for your child. If this is his first time to learn how to write, it is best that you start with a thick crayon instead of a pencil. Not only are crayons more durable than pencils but the thick crayons are also a lot easier to hold than a regular sized pencil. Further, crayons are harder to break and this will come in handy especially when your child pushes the crayon or pencil too hard. This often occurs when a child is still learning how to write and he is just getting the feel of the right way to hold the crayon or pencil.

You can also try to use other special writing instruments such as weighted pencils, thick pencils, pencils with grips and even pencils which connects to the child’s wrist through an elastic band. You can give these a try and see which one works for your child the best.

When you feel he is ready to learn, the first thing you need to teach him is how to hold the crayon or pencil. You can show him a visual example of how to hold the crayon or pencil through books, posters, or even by just holding the crayon or pencil in your hands. This way, he will have a visual of what he needs to do.

Be patient, provide practice sessions regularly and your child will be able to develop this skill in no time.

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