Using Free Online Learning Materials to Teach Autistic Children

By Janessa

Teaching children with autism can sometimes put a drain on your budget as teaching materials can be very expensive. One way to lessen the cost is by using online learning materials which you can download and print for free. These printable materials are very useful and can, in fact, be used to teach your child more than just one skill. For example, you can use these printables to teach your child the correct way to hold a pencil or a crayon. You can ask him to color in the images that interests him so he can practice his coloring skills and eventually gain enough practice to prepare him to learn how to write later on.

You can also use these to help improve his motor skills by asking him to cut and paste the images which you have printed out. Always choose images which interests him so he will be encouraged and will be happy to cut and paste as long as needed to complete the work you have laid out for him. Keep in mind that cutting and pasting are skills that all children need to learn.

The printable images can also be used to create picture schedules. Select images which are needed to complete a task and arrange them in a sequence so as to show your child the steps which he needs to do in order to finish the task. Select images which clearly depict what needs to be done so that there is no confusion as to what it means. Creating a picture schedule will not only provide your child a visual reminder of what needs to be done to complete a task but it will also help reduce his anxiety when trying to accomplish a multi-step task.

Finally, you can use these printable images by creating games in order to teach your child certain subject matter concepts. For example, if you want to teach your child about animals and their habitats, you can print out various animals and habitats and ask him to match the images of the animals with their respective habitats. If you are teaching him about adding and subtracting, you can likewise use these images to create groups to add and subtract.

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