Do You Love Someone With Autism?

  • January 16, 2014
  • by AutismUnited
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If you’re here then the likelihood is you DO love someone with Autism and we do as well. Here at Autism United, we’ve developed a community over the years of others from caretakers, parents teachers, to individuals on the spectrum themselves. Our community has grown to become this beautiful, supportive community and we want to continue to grow and continue to raise awareness and understanding.

We’ve always talked about having apparel that we could use to help raise awareness but also to help give back at the local level to charities working in the trenches to support individuals. Now we can happily say we reached our goal and have a Limited Edition Autism United tee available!

“I Love Someone with Autism”

Limited Edition Autism United tee


Oh ya we do! We love many with Autism. We love the supporters of Autism. We love all of you. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY you have the chance to get yourself this Limited Edition AutismUnited tee or hoodie, or whatever style you’d like that we’ve made available.

For every sale we make we will be donating 25% of proceeds to a local non profit charity our community will nominate.

Only Available for Short Time!

We are limiting the length of time these shirts are available as our first product for sale here at Autism United. Why? Because we have a lot of ideas up our sleeves. Lots!

How to Order? 

Ordering is very simple. Here is what you’ll do:

  1. Go to
  2. Select shirt style
  3. Select quantity
  4. Select shirt size
  5. Add another style if you’d like other styles or sizes
  6. Check out now either with Paypal or using available payment methods

When we reach a total of 100 shirts sold, we will then begin shipping out. We do however have to reach this goal before time runs out or we will not send out the shirts (and you won’t be charged).

Why Set a Goal? 

We set a goal for ourselves to help make it exciting. We know that it will take work from our fans as well as ourselves. However we truly believe in the greater good of helping local charities in need but also promoting such an amazing message. I LOVE SOMEONE WITH AUTISM. There is no greater message then being proud of someone you love and are proud of. We get to promote this while generating a substantial donation that will be given in such an exciting way. Fan Nominated!!

Now do you love someone with Autism? Wear it proud and let the world know, and buy one of our Limited Edition Autism United tees!


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