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Autism United loves our readers! This is why we want to help and hear from them. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Autism, we would love to hear your story. Whether it is a story of an individual’s daily struggles, life as a parent or the story of when they were diagnosed, we want to hear about it. We would love to know how Autism has affected your lives.

Speak Up!

Let Autism United know the things you have overcome or things about Autism that you want to share with others. We find it important to bring people together to become a place where we can all help each other. Reach out to Autism United and share with us your life. We know what it is like to feel alone and have no one to turn to for help, and we want to be here to help you get through any situation thrown at you.

No story is to short or too long. Every story we receive we will gladly put onto Autism United. We want to raise Autism Awareness, and the only way we can do this is with your help.

Express to us what you experience, how you get through things and how you can help others too. Every voice makes a difference, every word makes others not feel alone and every person can put an end to the confusion behind Autism. Help make a difference in the world and raise awareness.

Autism Fundraisers

Reach out with Autism United and let us know about your fundraiser. If you are a part of a fundraiser that is for Autism related causes then we want to be a part of it. Let us help you reach out to the world and share your mission. If your fundraiser is for an individual, group, research, or anything that will help, please email us and let us know about it. We would love to work with individuals, groups, communities, and organizations to help raise money for causes that matter.

Each individual deserves the chance to have support, and a lot of fundraisers help millions trying to deal with Autism. Do not hesitate to contact us about your fundraiser and have us help you promote your fundraiser even further. We are dedicated to helping promote Autism Awareness, and fundraisers are a great way to raise awareness of Autism.

Please contact us if you would like us to hear your story or promote your fundraiser. We are here for you!


  1. i have an eight year old grand daughter with Autism/Selective Mutism. She is very talkative at her home and at our home. Doesnt speak at school. This is an anxiety condition. She is a very clever girl and reads beautifully etc. Seems normal at home (whatever Normal is these days) but anywhere she goes and feels uncomfortable and just freezes up. She says the words get stuck in her feet. Is there anyone else who has experience in the Selective Mutism part of Autism. She has highly functional autism mostly.

  2. We certainly need to get a handle on this. The vaccine theory turns out to be a fraud, and the latest theories revolve around fat women and gut bacteria.

  3. I know many Autistic people and they are amazing. I work at a store where Autism is our main charity and I always emphasize about the benefits of donating to the charity. I support and raise awareness of Autism!

  4. I do not have a close relative/friend who have experienced Autism, but my Mom spent years as a Para-educator and I agree with the idea of every story and everyone involved needs to be heard. I have 2 sons with a seizure disorder associated with any sort of pain and to be in a moment of hopelessness is what many do not understand.

  5. I have a friend of mine who is autistic. Though I used to laugh at him when we were young, I realize that that’s not a good thing to do. He was a clever guy and concentrates on a certain thing when he wants that. Those are some of the edges he has over me… I proud to have a friend like him!

  6. I have a new look on life after working with many autistic children. Many do not see themselves as autistic and therefore do more than a normal child.

  7. You guys are amazing!

  8. I know several children and adults who live with Autism everyday. I love helping with fundraisers when I am able to.

  9. My children don’t have Autism. I am happy to share and post all articles I see. I think every parent should be aware of Autism whether their children have it or not.

  10. This is great, and I feel it is something that is very much looked past. Autism Awareness <3

  11. I hope one day they can find out what truly causes Autism. There seems to be more & more children being diagnosed. I have a very young cousin who is Autistic & now we are wondering if my 4 year old Niece is.

  12. I am glad more attention is being paid to autisim. I think it’s something everyone needs to aware of.

  13. I have a neighbor that’s Autistic. It’s very hard on his mother.

  14. Though I do not have anyone in my family who is autistic, I do have friends with children who are affected. I know the struggles they all go through every day. It is good to see that so many organizations are there to help these kids and their families.

  15. As a nurse I’ve taken care of children with cognitive disabilities and I can say that it is a large feat for families to successfully rear children with autism properly. But despite the difficulty, I can see how rewarding it is for them to get involved with their children’s growth. These families need all the help they need and I definitely go for any effort to help these children get the support they need.

  16. I don’t know anybody that has autism, but I do feel for people that do and I think it’s wonderful how people take it instride and adapt to help these people.

  17. I think autism and the way we diagnose and deal with autism has changed for the better in the last few years…. Especially since these chicldren/adults are very intelligent and many function normal. And the care they receive is for the better also.

  18. Great post.

  19. I have not had to deal with this personally but know someone who has. I am looking forward to reading the stories sent in. I admire those who willingly share their sad stories

  20. I grew up with great parents that instilled good values. Before I was old enough to work, I volunteered my time with the city’s parks ad rec programs for special needs kids. They all thrive with a little nurturing and understanding. I used to watch a boy with autism as well. He was very smart and always surprised me. These wonderful children can never be under estimated!

  21. The only person I know with autism is my boyfriends little twin cousins..they’re only like 7 or 8 but are so cute and joyful!! :)

  22. My brother has high functioning autism. He’s come a long way over the years and is now doing very well. It’s good to see that there is now more support then when he was diagnosed. Thanks for all the work you do.

  23. I have an 11 year old son and a 19 year old nephew that have Asperger’s Syndrome.

    They are for the most part different as night and day, though my sister was the one to become aware of it first.

    The doctors said the one thing stopping them from declaring him full fledged autistic were high social skills.

    My nephew is like most autistic kids in that he doesn’t like contact; even as a newborn, he hated it when you would try to hold him close to you, you had to lay him on your lap and not put your arms around him.

    My son is the complete opposite,thank God!! He LOVES to cuddle. Even at 11 years old, he will come to me and his dad several times a day and say”I need a huggie”. Or sit next to one of us and say, “I need to cuddle”. I love that! I couldn’t imagine having a child that didn’t like to get hugs or cuddle, especially as a baby.

    He has friends for the most part; he loves having kids over or going to their houses, and has even had a few sleepovers, mainly here.

    My nephew is more typical as he doesn’t like to connect with people and has few friends, as he is fairly anti-social. He prefers to go off on his own for bike rides or to fish.

    They both have had to deal with ignorance at school from the other kids, and sadly yes, even some teachers! It is heartbreaking to see and to be honest, that is what I have feared the most for my son. Thankfully it hasn’t been as bad yet as I thought it would be, but as he get’s older, the other kids do realize he is a bit different and say stuff to him.

    I am very proud of the way he handles it though. He will tell the kids that he guessed they didn’t know he has autism, so it’s okay that they weren’t so nice since they didn’t know.

    He is exteremly curious about Aspreger’s and is always asking questions, stuff that I wouldn’t have thought about even.

    I wouldn’t trade him for the world and I tell him all the time that God made him extra special as he does all kids with autism. I get angry when I see these websites claiming they are looking for a cure for autism or parents saying they wish their child could be fixed. I mean really?! What a way to tell your child that you don’t accept them the way they are and think there’s something wrong with them!

    Even if they did come up with this supposed cure, I would not give it to my child and I have told him that. He is the way God intended him to be and he will stay that way!

  24. Autism United sounds like a good organization. Autism is something that needs more research done on it and more awareness spread about it. I worked with a woman whos son had autism, it was difficult for her to take him to social situations because most people don’t know how to react to a person with autism. Keep up the good work

  25. I’m glad that this website is created to raise awareness about Autism. I never knew much about it until I read this.

  26. Great site for information. I thought it was great that it says Every voice makes a difference, every word makes others not feel alone.

  27. Bringing everyone together is amazing.

  28. I don’t have a personal autism story but it has affected the lives of many people I know because when I had my oldest almost 12 years ago, I’d never heard of autism. Now it’s reported as affecting approximately 1% of children.

  29. people need to be more aware

  30. My stepmom works closely with autistic kids, to help them with school and socialization. The kids she helps are wonderful! <3

  31. Thanks so much for getting this information out about Autism. I have a child in my life that lives with it everyday. I truly believe that the more information about Autism gets out in the public the better. The more people will understand that these kids do not have outburst to make trouble. The are trying really hard to do what is wanted from them. The more people that understand Autism the matter the world will be. Thanks so much!

  32. I have a friend that has identical twin girls that both have autism.

  33. I don’t personally know anyone with autism or that has a child with autism. This was a good article and if I had the extra money I would donate a fund to help cure it.

  34. Thanks for promoting awareness. I have learned a lot.

  35. Thanks for a great article and helping to spread the word. My nephew has a form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome. He functions very well but is not like other children. He tends to keep to himself and is very much a people watcher. He doesn’t get involved with other children too much but studies them carefully. He does awesome in school. In fact if he gets anything less than an A, he is devastated. He does not like affection in any way. Not even hugs and kisses from his mom and dad, because he is so afraid of germs. This has gotten a little better since he was little. At least he doesn’t hide and cry when someone tries to hug him anymore. Even though he is different from most people, I can see him becoming very successful. People will not get in the way of his decisions because he is not emotionally attached to people the way you and I are.

  36. I don’t know a lot about autism, so posts like this are very helpful.

  37. Love that there are people still out there that care.

  38. I just watched 20/20 on how others view people with autism, we all need to be more aware. Thank you.

  39. My heart goes out to families learning to cope with this.

  40. Thank you for the very much information

  41. I have an 18 year old son that has Autism…he is my baby…..I really loved reading this article….thank you

  42. I’m happy to see that organizations like Autism United exists for those families affected by Autism. I have a friend who has a child with Autism, and I know she appreciates every bit of support she can get.

  43. Thanks, I don’t know a lot of autism.

  44. Ive never met anyone with Autism…but I know that I would want to help in anyway that I can :)

  45. It is amazing there is so much love and support!

  46. What an informative and easy to read article.

  47. I don’t know anyone with Autism but i do love this artice and i think it is so important to bring this to awareness and educate more people about it.

  48. I think its amazing what you are doing with AutismUnited. I feel as if more people are becoming aware of Autism and we need to do all we can. Thank you!

  49. My step-son has high-functioning autism. He is a true joy! And incredibly smart. I have had several children, not only in my classroom but in my Sunday school class, that have autism of different degrees.
    When you state “Each individual deserves the chance to have support,” you could never be more right! Regardless of the degree of function, these children have, each are special :)

  50. I really love this website because Autism United teaches how I can recognize autism and maybe I can help someone someday with this. I already have learned what autism really is. Thank you so much for all you do for others.

  51. I currently have no one in my family that has been touched by this, but with my children all being adults now, I worry about grand babies. I have shared this on G+, if only to help spread information about this site, so maybe someone that needs a board like this can find their way here. =)

  52. I had no idea the amount of children afflicted with autism, wishing the best and for a treatment to help cure…

  53. Don’t know anyone personally with autism but have been hearing a lot about it lately. Those involved could use all the support they can get and more research needs to be done.

  54. I think this is great to inform and educate those who are unfamiliar with autism. I don’t have any personal experience with it, so it’s only when I hear others’ stories that I come to truly understand what they’re experiencing. The more education, the better. Hopefully we’ll all be able raise awareness for this.

  55. It is great to bring everyone together to bring awareness to autism.

  56. I wish there was more research into Autism. It is such a wide reaching disorder that affect many people.

  57. I am a huge supporter of awareness of autism. A few of my friends have children who are effected.

  58. I volunteer in a grade 4 class as a reading monitor/evaluator at a nearby primary school. A couple of the students are on the autism spectrum, though they are high-functioning for the most part. The teacher has a keen understanding of their specific behaviours and learning styles and she works with them to build new skills by developing their strengths and interests. She will often use visual information to help them understand their academic content, schedule or behavioural expectations.

  59. I just watched a news special this morning about people that stood up for a family dining out with their autistic son. It made me happy.

  60. I have a 2 1/2 year old son recently diagnosed with ASD. He goes to therepy twice a week and gets it at home every week. Although he is still not talking our playing with toys correctly he is very loving and very smart. We will be participating in the walk now for autism speaks to raise money for autism awerness!

  61. The causes for autism is something I am concerned about. It is great to raise awareness. We now have so many resources available which helps (better than years back).

  62. Interesting article.

  63. I admire and thank those who give so much of their time and support to Autism awareness and programs for support to families;)

  64. I do not personally know anyone with Autism, but I think it’s amazing how much support that those that do have it get

  65. I think its great Autism United is spreading the word about this important issue :-)

  66. I do not know anyone personally with autism, but I have seen several children that do. I think its great how many programs and how much help are available for parents or family members that have a child with autism.

  67. I like your enthusiasm and your outreached hand of help here!

  68. So glad to know there is a whole community out there ready to lend an ear or help.

  69. I don’t have anyone in my life that has autism or a child that has autism at this point in time. I have known in the past and these children need to be given a chance just like everyone else in this World. They are highly intelligent children and people need to recognize that we are all put on this earth for a reason regardless of what we are or are not born with.

  70. We are constantly working on using original (vs scripted) speech and anxiety issues.

  71. I have never been directly affected by Autism but I know several families that have and are on a daily basis. Strong smart children and parents.

  72. I think it is great that Autism United will help out with individuals or groups that are doing fundraisers to benefit autism related causes. The organization likely has a lot of great contacts that can help increase of autism and the fundraiser.

  73. I can’t believe how many children are being affected by this disease. We really need to make changes as a society to make the environment and food natural and better for them.

  74. Great article – I only personally know one person who has autism and have always wanted to learn more about it. I remember when she was about 11 or 12 yrs old and suddenly passed out in church – just fell right over … bless her heart – I think she has outgrown or her autism is not as severe as it was when she was a child – she is now 16 almost 17 and has been doing great…

  75. I think there needs to be more awareness about autism. Although I personally never have had anyone with it in my family I see more and more with it.

  76. my family just discovered our family member has a form of autism. I appreciate all the information I can read to share with them

  77. I have worked with autistic children as a TSS worker in Pennsylvania and my heart goes out to those families! I’ve learned that these children are truly exceptional and highly misunderstood. What they lack in social ability they make up for in their creativity. I sell bakeware and cookware and truly believe these products can really enhance autistic children’s imagination as they get older!

  78. I think it is great to raise awareness about autism, because so many people have no idea what it really is or have some distorted idea of what it is. I personally do not know anyone who has autism, but in the fall I will be working with autistic children for my degree in teaching, so it is important that I learn all I can about autism.

  79. So nice to know that people care about our story as parents to children with Autism.. I will have to come back sometime soon and share my story, I am just not ready right now to do that.. Great article :)

  80. My cousins little boy has autism and I see how hard it is on the family

  81. Great initiative – with so much to learn about autism, I’m sure someone’s personal experience will help another!

  82. Don’t know anyone with autism but if I ever do meet someone who needs your help I will give them this website info.

  83. This is very important to make more people aware of the problem. Won’t go away if pushed under the rug…….

  84. my girlfriends daugter was that way and she didnt talk til she was 4.

  85. We have a young man at our church that has autism. We have watched him through struggles and victories. He is now 16 and is going to regular school and even had a date to a dance.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  86. I beleive autism awareness is a great cause. I do not have anyone in my immediate family with autism, but someday that could be the case.Awareness is the best way to combat or fight this disease!

  87. It is always sad to see kids with disabilities

  88. Great article!

  89. Thank you for encouraging support, and raising awareness. I work as a support worker with adults with developmental disabilities.

  90. thanks for all the info

  91. I have an adult friend with a form of autism and a friend’s child who has autism. It has not touched my family directly, but it has touched my life. I find it very disturbing that the incidents of autism are increasing exponentially and wonder just how much toxins and pollution are to blame.

  92. I don’t know anyone with Autism but I wanted to say this is a great thing you are doing :)

  93. I know a lot about Autism. I helped raise my nephew who is autistic.

  94. After working with children suffering from Autism in a school for children with special needs and in equine therapy, I have become a strong advocate for Autism and speak out at every opportunity I am given. The parents of these children are their biggest supporters and advocates. My heart goes out to them.

  95. this is a great cause and a great way to get support for it, i will spread the word.

  96. I’m not personally affected by Autism, but thank you for everything you do and God Bless everyone!!

  97. I do not have a personal experience with autism in my own children, but I have seen it in several friends children. To be honest until this started coming out more, I had no idea that it was as common as it is. Keep promoting the need to know, it gives moms out there struggling with this more hope and great resources!

  98. I am so in, I have great nephews with autism!

  99. This is awesome how do they get tested early whats the age

  100. I wish I was able to donate to an autism fundraiser

  101. I have a 6 year old son with aspergers. I think it is great that more awareness is being made about Autism. It is hard to understand for parents of Autistic children and even harder for those who have not dealt with it.

  102. My cousin had Autism and died at the age of 21 of liver disease. That is one side effect that causes much greif.

  103. I don’t know anybody affected by Autism. Surprising, after reading about how many are diagnosed.

  104. I am so happy to see how Autism is finally getting the attention of the nation.

  105. I didn’t know much about Autism until I got on this site. My heart just goes out to the ones with this and to their families. This site is so useful for them and for people like me who didn’t know much about it. Thanks so much!

  106. 1 out of every 88? wow, that is really a high number. is there some reason that this has escalated to this point? Seems like something has tipped the balance along the way.

  107. This is a great organization and I applaud all who are dedicated to raising awareness for autism! Thank you for all you do to help those who are affected by this.

  108. I was surprised to learn that boys are 5 times more likely to have autism than girls.

  109. Unfortunately, I cannot relate to anyone who has a family member with autism. I will continue to pray for these families and help financially in a fundraiser

  110. My son’s stepson is autistic. He was diagnosed at a early age. He to is highly functional but does display certain symptoms. He attends school and is able to attend some regular classes. He is at a level where he is not left alone and probably will never beable to hold a job or care for himself. I guess we are lucky. There needs to be a better understanding of the diease and more help for the caregivers.

  111. Glad to see awareness being raised! My friend’s son has autism, and they have had great improvement since they got him into martial arts classes.

  112. What a great idea! I don’t know much about Autism, but I know anxiety all too well.

    RE: Maxine: Hello. =] I read your comment, and just wanted you to know that I know what your grand daughter means. I myself, have had anxiety conditions all my life. I don’t know how to explain it, but I will try.

    At first I get tongue tied, maybe start to stutter, and my muscles tighten up. This is a normal attack for me, but I also experience the freezing up and the words getting stuck in my feet as your grand daughter would say. This is really hard to explain. I never know when this will happen, it just does, and when it does, it’s extremely scary. I get so overwhelmed and uncomfortable that my body just freezes. I can’t move, think, or talk. It’s so frustrating when that happens, because I have things that I want to say, I just physically can not say them. This was incredibly hard for me in school. Back then, I had no clue what was gong on with me, and I spent the entire time frozen in my desk.

    I’ve been in places where this happens, and the people around me have no clue what’s going on, so I get ignored a lot. People will start to get rude and snippy with me if I don’t answer right away. This always makes it worse. If you think your grand daughter is having a feet freezing moment,or you start to see her get uncomfortable, be patient and understanding. It will help her get through that moment it a lot easier.

    You might want to look up local groups with people her age that are going through similar problems. I started going to a group a few months ago. At first it took me a while to get used to the people, and being in a new setting, but I am happy that I joined. Being around the group makes me realize that I’m not the only one with my problems, and I find it so much easier to talk to the people there. Over time, I have had less frozen moments and huge change in my comfort zone.

  113. While I know no one in my family touched by Autism, I know that the statistics say that in later in my lifetime, the chances greatly increase that I will. But I do appreciate is the recent influx of celebrity voices jointing the fight against Autism. According to recent commercials there’s a 1 in 3 chance of a child being born with Autism. What a frightening statistic. It just hope that fundraising efforts and research will someday develop a cure for Autism in my lifetime.

  114. i wish they would find the cause of autism

  115. I have heard a lot about autism I support it all the way

  116. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this information and I am happy to support autism any way I can. I am a mother of 4 small ones and I am glad someone is trying to get the autism awareness out there!!

  117. thank you for giving me more information on Autism than I can see on TV

  118. One of my friends is a teacher and she teaches as a private school. At here school there is a little boy with autism, he never opens up to anyone or tries to communicate with them, but he has taken to her soo much that even his parents have asked her to teach him exclusively. He is very loving towards her, he smiles sometimes or even hugs her if he thinks no one else can see him. I do not know a lot about autism but from what i do know of it i can tell that his response to her is a significant change in his life and a very positive one.

  119. Autism is scary. It would be nice to know if it could be prevented or symptoms minimized with diet.

  120. I personally don’t know anyone in real life that has Autism. But I know a lot about Autism thanks to websites and articles like this that really work to bring awareness to those of us that don’t know anyone with it.

  121. I worked as an aide for a child with autism for two years. He’s very high functioning, but would need help focusing and relating to his classmates. We spent a lot of time learning how to communicate with people and how to play with peers. Now, he’s in middle school and is doing very well! It takes a lot of work, but amazing things can happen!

  122. I am just so happy that this organization does what it does! Without Organizations such as this I believe our country would not be a healthy, safe, or accomodating place to live!

  123. GREAT to see something good like this in a giveaway! Great to spread such awareness for something so good!!!! Great article!!!!

  124. I have never met anyone who has autism, however, Ive done some reading on it and it seems to be a challenging thing for the parents of children who have it. This is a great site!

  125. I have never known someone personally who have had autism but i appreciate articles that are informative and aid in my knowledge

  126. Children with Autism are super smart!!!I know several children with Autism and I think they are awesome!! Many people can see them as being misbehaved but don’t take the time knowing what Autism really is!!

  127. i have a nephew who didn’t/or wouldn’t speak until he was about 5 -5.5yrs old. nobody knows why he was like this, when he finally started to talk he had problems wording, he’s 10 now and can speak a mile a minute.

  128. My three year old has had problems with sensory issues since he was born…he’s very smart and although he can be difficult, I love him more than anything :)

  129. I have a friend who has a son who is autistic, he is a funtioning one and a delight to be around. He has a problem with loud noises, but is able to play with other kids. I am glad to see awareness being raised about autisim.

  130. We have a 9 year old granddaughter who is autistic. She is soo smart and funny! We couldnt imagine our life without her in it! Her momma has done a awesome job at raising her and in fact now she just got a job as a nurse to boys with autism!

  131. There are a lot of people with this.

  132. I have many friends with children that have autism. I think awareness is amazing!

  133. i have a nephew who is autistic, my sister had to go thru a lot to have him diagnosed, because the doctor kept saying that he was ok, until my sister got tired and change doctors. we always go to the workshops and we volunteer at his school.

  134. Thanks for your support to the children with special needs.

  135. I have several friends who have family members who are affected by autism. Just last week I was enjoying one young man’s company who is about eight who has a rather severe case. I am so glad there are groups like this one bringing people together for support and helping empower individuals to make a difference… educate, encourage, and empower.

  136. My son has Autism. He developed typically until he was 15 months old. After that he cried all the time, banged his head against things, stopped talking and sleep was a thing of the past. Now he is 7 almost 8 yrs old and a lot has changed. He still does not have good communication but it is a lot better then nothing. He is the most friendly loveable kid ever.

  137. My son has autistic tendencies , i think it is wonderful for all the awareness going on

  138. A good idea to try and raise awareness about autism. We have fundraisers for breast cancer a lot at our neighborhood center, but so many people have been touched by autism but still there is so much people don’t know– and so many misunderstandings. Thanks for pushing this issue into more people’s minds.

  139. I wonder if there is any chance that one of those delayed-timing type hearing devices could possibly do anything like they do for stutterers…? Since she talks at home/your home, you wonder if changing the stimulus or feedback from herself would create any easing of anxiety…? Just trying to think of something…Best wishes & Blessings…

  140. i have family who have autism and donating and giving back to the cause is something very close to my heart.

  141. A friends son is autistic and I believe this is something that needs more attention from everyone.

  142. One of my best friend’s son is autistic. She is constantly researching new therapies, raising funds for treatment, and generally trying to educate others. Thank you for all that you do!

  143. I have a son with Aspergers and severe ADHD, he is considered functioning, but he lacks emotion. He is not happy, sad, angry, EVER. He just is. There are days when you are lucky to get him to follow two directions, and others where he is so on-the-go, you can’t keep up with him. His therapist says he has never encounter another child like my son.

  144. I am a substitute teacher, working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and in my two years of subbing in this district, I have had the pleasure of working with several brilliant students who just happen to be autistic. These individuals have their moments but they try hard, putting in more effort than I see from some of the regular-Ed kids, and are a joy to have in the classroom (I remember one particular boy with a larger than life personality and a love of video games and statistics). I hope one day the stigma that autism is a “disability” will be replaced with the notion that it’s just a different ability.

  145. I know quite a few autistic kids, they are so bright. We need to educate people on this issue so these kids can have a better future

  146. we just learned about Autism today in our class and a representative or somebody was tabling and handing out information about autism

  147. Great cause! Thanks for all you do

  148. My friends son has autism and though I ‘m not around it all the time I see the struggle they face every day. I would love to know more about the fundraisers out there.

  149. I knew a kid in school with the mute problem Chuckie. He never talked to other kids or the teacher. One time when he was at his home next to mine and he didn’t know I was there,
    I heard him speak to his sister. I never forgot the word’s he said “Whatcha got there Mary?” Being a kid myself I made a big deal of it and yelled out “I heard you talk! You can talk!” Of course then he shut up again.

  150. Thank you for doing autism fundrasiers.

  151. I am lucky not to have anyone in my family with autism, but I know others who do have autistic children. It’s great to raise awareness of autism

  152. Thanks for the great job you are doing regarding autism

  153. I do not know anyone with autism but I do fully support educating the public. The more awareness the better.

  154. So far I’ve only heard about Autism (a few general facts), but have never read about it to understand what it’s like to suffer from it and how it influences a person’s life and that of the people around them. Sites like this one, helping those affected by a certain disorder deal with the problems caused by it and get comfort from others are the sources that catch everyone’s interest and make them be more aware of what hardships people have to face and how love and patience can overcome everything. Getting a glimpse into others’ lives makes you want to research the topic at hand and not just forget about it instantly (
    since it doesn’t affect you personally). For that I applaud the creators of this site.

  155. While I don’t have any person experience with it, I do work at a high school where we have several students with autism. Some are high functioning and some aren’t. What amazes me the most about them is most of them are usually better behaved than ‘regular’ students!

  156. I am mom of a 15 y/o boy who passed away on 2-2-10 due to pneumonia. He was Autistic, legally blind and non-verbal. He was the sweetest, good natured child anyone could ask for.

  157. I use to work for a program that assisted children with Aspergers & Autism, along with other children with special needs and I was fortunate enough to meet some of these incredible children.

    I also used to purchase the majority of classroom items that the special needs children learned with. It’s amazing the different products out there that allow these children to enjoy the life they live. I truly hope that an Autism cure/breakthrough is achieved in my lifetime.

    Here are some suppliers for the equipment/items I use to purchase:


    There are so many more, but those are just a few. I hope this helps someone out there.

    God Bless – Kimbuckjr

  158. Austism awareness is big in Austin. I’ve been watching my one year old son and he could be borderline. If it wasn’t for all the fundraisers and shared stories, I don’t think we would have caught anything early or know what to look for.

  159. My cousin’s son was diagnosed with autism and while it was a surprise, it was also a relief that she finally understood what was going on and could connect with the necessary supports. I’ll never forget the time when she phoned to tell me her son gave her a hug and told her that he loved her for the very first time, which she thought she would never hear.

    • Jessica Bleasdale (Rafflecopter: JACB)
      jessicableasdale at gmail dot com

  160. I so wish use the phrase “making the lives of people AFFECTED by Autism”…..instead of “suffering from Autism”. This is their world too, actually all of ours, if we just stood together through this, & not against it. It makes you want to feel sorry about it…I am not. Rejoice in what you CAN DO…not in what you can’t or aren’t able to!

  161. I think it is important to raise awareness about Autism and other disorders. I have a cousin with Autism, I feel its important for people to get involved.

  162. It’s great to know that there are places like this out there. “No story is to short or too long.” — that’s a powerful statement, making sure everyone is welcome!

  163. My cousin’s son is autistic. I glad there are articles like this to boost awareness.

  164. I only know a little about Autism from reading or t.v. And I don’t know anyone affected by it.

  165. I know several children that have been diagnosed with Autism.

  166. My 11 year old son has Asperger’s Syndrome and at times his struggles completely dictate what we can and cannot do as a family and our general home life.

    Community is very important when you’re caring for or living with Autism. It’s important to have a support group of some sort in order to discuss your struggles and triumphs, as well as to learn about resources, doctors, medications, and even strategies for helping your child blossom.

  167. My daughter had selective mutism when she was younger. talkative at home, but away from home she refused and today she gets anxiety and has avoidance disorder. they never diagnosed her with autism but with oppositional defiant disorder, this is great what you are doing for autism awareness.

  168. Interesting post.

  169. My son didnt speak one word for the first 7 years of his life. My heart goes out to all people affected by this.

  170. I have a niece who has this and thanks to sites like you I have learned so much about autism thank you so much and keep up the good work

  171. I do not personally know of anyone with autism, but I think this is excellent what you are doing! Thank you for raising awareness!

  172. this is an amazing cause and i really hope that it helps raise autism awareness

  173. I had no idea how prevelant this condition was until I found several of my friends have autistic children. I do blame our environment for some of this happening so often.

  174. Autism is increasing. Do you think it is from the vaccinations?

  175. I teach autistic kids, and my biggest challenge, since we are in a “regular” school, is to get everyone, including staff, to understand that these kids are not being “bad’, but hat their behavior is part of their disability.

  176. Thank you for the article. Good info.

  177. I have 15 year old son with autism and host an annual fundraiser for his special needs camp, Wisconsin Easter Seals. I think this is a wonderful idea and thank you for your support!

  178. In one way or another autism touches the lives of many of us nowdays. I have taught students who have autism for many years. The students and their families have a special place in my heart.

  179. This is a good mission. I know people with autism and their medical needs are really demanding.

  180. I do not know anyone with autism. After reading this I will be more aware and also pray for everyone touched by this.

  181. Appreciate everything being done for these invisible, life altering diseases.

  182. I believe that everyone should be doing their part and help with this cause. People should not overlook autism and pass it off like it cripples a person beyond repair, they are a person too.

  183. You can be functional with Autism.

  184. There should be more info on Autism.

  185. good info

  186. I am so glad that real information is getting out to parents and others about autism. When I was in college I spent months working with autistic children. They were a joy to be around but at times it was heartbreaking because of the need of such rigid schedules and interaction.

  187. I don’t know a lot about Autism but what I do know I try to tell people and when I see something that is talking negative about it, it makes me mad.

  188. We should be more proactive about having our children screened for Autism. The earlier we diagnose the better the prognosis.

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