TOMS Shoes Awareness

TOMS Shoes is not just a shoe company, TOMS is a One for One company. The TOMS mission is not something that is promoted just only on shoe drops but it has become a lifestyle for so many. The TOMS mission needs a lot of awareness due to the millions of children in this world that need shoes and wouldn’t have the opportunity to have any if it wasn’t for what TOMS does. Every day millions of children around the globe fight disease and infections with the lack of shoes. TOMS Shoes built there business on helping these children and they have included you to the roster to help a child in need. All you have to do is make a purchase at TOMS and your purchase will included a pair for a child in need. Here at Autism United, we strive to help raise TOMS Shoes Awareness as well as Autism Awareness. There are so many children in this world in need, and we want to be apart of helping make a difference in millions children’s lives.

Let Me Share My TOMS Shoes Story

During our annual spring cleanup, the adults spent time working in the yard raking leaves and pulling weeds, the kids spent time with sidewalk chalk. This of course turned into a little fun for the adults as well. We are such avid TOMS Shoes fans and promote TOMS everywhere we go by wearing their shoes everywhere we go.

In midst of having some sidewalk chalk fun, I got carried away and began to create the TOMS Shoes flag  on our driveway. This not only attracted a lot of attention, but our neighbours were quite amused with our artwork. If you look real close, you will see that the little man in this picture is also a TOMS supporter, fashioning his own pair of Kids TOMS Shoes, one of his favorite pairs of shoes ever given to him. As you can see I love to show and spread the TOMS flag everywhere I go.

If you are a TOMS Shoes fan, help us raise awareness behind this amazing company and help the many children in need. TOMS Shoes is a company everyone should support, whether you need a new pair of shoes or not. There is someone in this world in need of a pair of shoes and by purchasing a pair of TOMS, you are providing them with that pair of shoes they need. Help us raise TOMS Shoes awareness today!


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