Justin Timberlake Sing’s Happy Birthday To A Boy With Autism

  • August 18, 2014
  • by AutismUnited
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For his eighth birthday, Marika Rosenthal Delan took her son to see Justin Timberlake, his favorite artist, in San Jose, California, on August 11. Peter hoisted Julian as high as he could get him, not thinking he might disrupt anyone while I worried the people behind us wouldn’t be able to see. All the while Julian in perfect autistic fashion was repeating himself over and over, knocking into the chairs and dancing and singing and yelling, “It’s my birthday!! This is my present! This is my present! I LOVE YOU JT!!”

Julian ready for the Justin Timberlake concert

Julian had anticipated the concert all summer and put on his hat and tie (because he didn’t have a suit) Source: themanifeststation.net

“It took us over an hour just to get outside the arena whilst Julian was high-fiving and fist-bumping everyone that stopped him,” Julian’s mother wrote on The Manifest Station. “Thank you for showing me I was wrong about what the world would do when they saw my son. Thank you for seeing him and not just his disability.” Peter, took to Facebook to thank Timberlake for the gesture. “This is a moment Julian will never forget!” he wrote. “Thanks for gifts sent down to him. #bestnightever.”   See the full story:  http://themanifeststation.net/2014/08/14/what-happens-when-justin-timberlake-25000-fans-sing-happy-birthday-to-a-boy-with-autism/


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