Autistic Students Release Hit On iTunes Using iPads

By Janessa


The iPad has opened a huge world for those with special needs especially in the Autism community!

Have you heard of the hit on iTunes from P.S. 177 Technology Band? Take a listen and you would never guess that this music is being played by students with special needs or that they are using iPads for their instruments.

It is a remarkable story that Fox News brought to the public’s attention in July 2012. They reported about the musicians at P177Q, a school for special-needs students based in Queens, New York City. These amazing special needs students created a digital orchestra using the iPad. Many of these students were also composed their own solo pieces.

They have since released their hit single, 4-2-4 Jam, on iTunes for $0.99 download to iPhone, iPad or iPod. All proceeds go to P.S. 177. 

This story is remarkable in so many ways. Thanks to the technology and ease of use of the iPad and its many apps, the students are able to communicate through music. Most of the students at P177Q are on the Autism Spectrum.

As with most on the spectrum, they have difficulty communicating, socializing and concentrating. This is not the case when creating their music on the iPad. This opens a whole new world for them! They are able to work with one another, share and together, coordinate a powerful piece of music. They can express emotions and their creativity this way.

For the past several years, there have been huge strides made in the Autism world thanks to Apps and the iPad. There are many that help with social skills, feelings, expressing basic needs and so much more.

With my son, I have discovered many of the apps made for Autistic kids are a huge help to him when expressing how he is feeling or what he wants. There are so many options including the option to touch a photo and hear the word. That helps so much in those moments when we have that huge communication barrier!

AutismApps is a free list for those looking for specific apps to help those with autism, Down syndrome, or other special needs. This list links to reviews, descriptions and video demonstrations. You can easily search through over 30 categories for the perfect app for your child. You can download these apps to your iPhone or iPad. Let your child experience this whole new world through this fabulous technology.

Visit Fox News for more on the iPad Band of Autistic Students.

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