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Man On A Roll For Autism Awareness

by DavidY on February 6, 2013

Brian Patrick is heading home but it will take him several months to get there. He’s on inline skates and he’s on the other side of the continent. The 43-year-old father of an autistic son wanted to raise awareness of autism so he skated from the eastern end of Long Island in Montauk, NY to [...]


Young Woman Puts Her Art Into Autism Therapy

by DavidY on January 10, 2013

Hannah Bergwell wanted to help children with autism have fun and overcome their tendency to keep to themselves. So she used her own talent, labor and skills to do just that. She started an art club for students with autism at her high school where she attends eleventh grade classes. The kids engage in fun, [...]


Asperger’s Not Linked to Premeditated Violence

by DavidY on December 19, 2012

Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism which manifests itself in awkward socialization with others. As the town of Newtown grapples with the tragedy at its Sandy Hook Elementary School, Lanza’s psychological profile remains an enigma as victims’s families wonder what would provoke such a horrific act. The [...]

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There is one thing many of us are trying to understand, the differences between Autism and Asperger’s. We understand that deciphering between the two can be difficult as there are some very similar traits, but there are also some very different traits as well. Understanding is a big part of being able to help our [...]


Now that graduation is right around the corner, many parents worry about their child’s future. Will Asperger’s affect their child’s ability to find and hold a job? The answer to this is both yes and no. People with Asperger’s may have difficulty in jobs which require a lot of social interaction but they can often [...]


Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

by Katherine on June 29, 2011

It is often not easy to tell whether a child has a Asperger’s syndrome. In fact, in most cases, it often goes undiagnosed for years and is only detected when a child goes to school. Here are some of the symptoms that you need to watch out for if you suspect that your child has [...]

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A Message For Autism From AspergerSadie

by Admin on April 17, 2011

Some of you may know of or are friends with Asperger Sadie or some may not even know who she is. However Autism United has spent some time looking into her life and have found her to be of real inspiration not only to us but to others as well. We contacted Asperger Sadie and [...]