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When Teachers Do Not Understand Autism

by Heather Brummett on October 1, 2012

Today I had an experience and I realized that all teachers do not understand Autism and they need to be educated. My son has high functioning autism. This means he can go to a normal or “mainstream” school and do normal activities but he is not like the other children. He is only 3 so he only [...]


When autistic children are included in a typical classroom, it is a good idea to make certain adjustments in your teaching method to allow the autistic child to cope up with the lesson plan. Keep in mind that autistic children often have limited language and learn differently from others. For instance, when speaking with an [...]

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Choosing a Public School for your Autistic Child

by Katherine on September 2, 2011

If you are thinking of enrolling your autistic child in a public school, finding the right one may not be as easy as it seems. This is because some public schools are often not equipped with the proper resources to be able to provide an ideal learning environment for autistic students. To ensure that you [...]


Ideal Classroom for Autistic Children

by Katherine on August 25, 2011

When autistic children join the typical classroom setting, it is ideal that you make certain arrangements to make the autistic child comfortable in the traditional classroom. You should be aware that many items which are considered stimulating to typical children may be considered a distraction to an autistic child. Here are some tips to help [...]


Helping Autistic Children in Mainstream Classrooms

by Katherine on August 24, 2011

As more and more autistic children are joining the mainstream classroom, teachers are often faced with an interesting situation where they not only have to fulfill the classroom’s objectives but also the autistic child’s educational objectives. If you are a teacher who has an autistic child in your classroom, here are some tips to help [...]


Mainstreaming and Autism

by Christine on June 29, 2011

Mainstreaming is a somewhat old-fashioned term (the newer term is “inclusion”). When the term mainstreaming is used, it generally describes a setting in which your child is part of a typical classroom with minimal extra support. Some accommodations may be in place, but in general your child is expected to be able to behave appropriately [...]