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picky eater

From the moment we are parents we become focused upon our child’s nutrition. If you are the parent of a child on the autism spectrum you may have hit a point of desperation or defeat trying to get your son or daughter to eat a well balanced diet. Good nutrition and autism rarely go hand [...]


For parents with an autistic child dining out as a family is often a rare event. At home the child is enveloped in a place of structure and routine which ensures comfort, dining out is rapt with unpredictable situations which can prove to be stressful and ultimately overwhelming for the family. Before Going Out To [...]


Is Picky Eating Common with Autistic Children?

by Katherine on April 28, 2012

As children with autism are usually afflicted with sensory processing disorder, it is not unusual for a child with autism to be very choosy when it comes to the foods that they eat. Every child has their own different preferences when it comes to food. Some may only prefer foods with certain colors or textures. [...]


Many children who have been diagnosed with autism tend to be picky eaters. Some are picky eaters because they may not like the touch of the food while others may not like its smell. Some may not like the taste of the new food while some just do not prefer to change their food routine. [...]

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Introducing New Foods to Your Autistic Child

by Katherine on April 9, 2011

Being picky eaters is a very common characteristic among children diagnosed with autism. They have a tendency to select one particular food they like and they like to eat this all the time. For a parent who offers them a wide variety of foods, making them eat something else can be really frustrating. They will [...]