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visual schedule

Create a Christmas Calendar for your Autistic Child

by Katherine on December 23, 2011

To help autistic children cope with the Christmas season, it is always a good idea to create a Christmas calendar of what they can expect to happen during this season. This way, there are no surprises and they will not be caught off-guard. It is best that you start working on this with your child [...]


When autistic children are included in a typical classroom, it is a good idea to make certain adjustments in your teaching method to allow the autistic child to cope up with the lesson plan. Keep in mind that autistic children often have limited language and learn differently from others. For instance, when speaking with an [...]

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Teaching children with autism can sometimes put a drain on your budget as teaching materials can be very expensive. One way to lessen the cost is by using online learning materials which you can download and print for free. These printable materials are very useful and can, in fact, be used to teach your child [...]


As we all know, autistic children crave for structure and routine in their daily lives. It makes them feel comfortable and it gives them a sense of security when they know what will happen in the exact moment it will happen. To help achieve this, it is best that you create a daily schedule which [...]

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The Advantage of a Visual Schedule

by Katherine on March 4, 2011

To help your autistic child get through his day, it is a good idea to create a visual schedule of his activities for the day. Put it in a place where he can easily see it and make sure that he know where it is. It is a good idea to have him look at [...]