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GPS Tracking Device for Autistic Children

by Katherine on June 26, 2013

Having your child wander off by himself is a nightmare that many parents hope not to happen to them. Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon with autistic children as they tend to behave impulsively and may wander off in the split second that you took to get something in your bag. To have peace of [...]

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Electrical Jolt in the Brain Helps Autistic Boy

by DavidY on February 1, 2013

A thirteen-year-old boy with severe autism was able to speak and sing for the first time after receiving Deep Brain Stimulation. Researchers at the University of Cologne, Germany, implanted two electrodes deep into the boy’s brain and stimulated various parts of the brain. The boy’s behavior improved dramatically. By age three, the boy started hurting [...]


Jonathan Izak’s experience of growing up with a younger brother with autism is not just a set of memories but a motivation to help others with autism. The young entrepreneur developed an iPad app called AutisMate to help autistic children communicate by using pictures, audio and video sourced from the child’s own environment. This relieves [...]


A New Zealand boy with severe autism can now communicate requests to play, eat or go to the bathroom clearly because of his father’s iPad app, Communicate Easy. Ciaran (pronounced keer’-en) Lewis is seven years old but does not talk and needs help getting dressed and using the toilet. His father, Wayne Lewis, decided to [...]


GPS Device Minimizes Getting Lost

by DavidY on January 24, 2013

The Autism Alliance of Michigan is rolling out a statewide program to help families keep track of their autistic child through the use of the Eyez-On EZ100 Personal Emergency Notifier and GPS tracker. Parents can set up any number of zones that the wearer is allowed to be in or not be in, and if [...]


Snug Vest Puts The Squeeze on Sensory Overload

by DavidY on January 22, 2013

Feeling snug as a bug in a rug, or a vest in this case, could be the key to people who suffer from sensory overload. So thinks Lisa Fraser, the 24-year-old inventor of the Snug Vest for people with autism. Many autistic people do not like to be touched but they still need pressure on [...]


An app called MySocius is helping parents teach their child with autism how to ask for an object or activity. Using the app, the parent takes pictures of the child’s favorite activities and objects. Activities could include playing outdoors or eating and objects can be foods or toys. Once the gallery has enough pictures, the [...]


Autism App Helps With Emotion Recognition

by DavidY on January 8, 2013

An app called Training Faces has been helping people with autism recognize basic facial emotions. It was released in May 2012 and has been downloaded thousands of times. The game helps with three areas: Recognition of one of nine emotions The meaning behind the emotion The speed at which the individual can interpret the emotion [...]


Integrated Listening Systems Treats Autism

by DavidY on January 4, 2013

In 1991, Dr. Ron Minson was looking for a solution to his daughter’s dyslexia. She was struggling at work and dealing with deep depression. He found it in the form of sound therapy, developed by a French doctor in Europe. He was so impressed with his daughter’s success that he studied with the inventor and [...]


Breakthrough Treatment Helps Boy With Autism

by DavidY on January 3, 2013

The Integrated Listening System utilizes music to help children with autism and other special needs. Here is one example of how it was used successfully: Please click here for story.