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Charity Of Giving With TOMS Shoes

by admin on January 18, 2011

Charity brings one of the greatest feelings alive!  When we help someone in need it brings a warmth upon us that is something that can’t be purchased or given to us. Through the gift of Charity we have the ability to help others in need not only near us in our daily lives but around the world as well. While it may seem like it would be be difficult to help someone in another country the truth is it isn’t. This is because there as companies out there that have created an opportunity to join up with them and make a difference in the world.

What if right now there were hundreds of millions of children around the world in risk of disease or injury that they could not treat. These potential diseases or injury’s would not be treated and could lead to a life time of suffering and pain. In fact if the diseases were to go untreated there is potential for death due to infections. These children have the potential to grow up and make a difference in there communities and this is why it is so crucial that we help out.

Right now there is a company that established in 2006 with the mission ONE FOR ONE! This company is TOMS Shoes and was founded by Blake Mycoskie. Since 1996 Blake has driven TOMS Shoes to donate 1 million shoes so far. The mission is simple, for every pair of shoes purchased one will be given to a child in need.

Charity Can Happen Everyday With TOMS Shoes!

This hart felt video shoes Blake motivating people to better themselves and to spread the word about the millions of people who go day to day without shoes. While most of us enjoy wearing shoes regularly and use shoes in our daily fashion Autism United will hope and ask that you join TOMS Shoes and Blake to continue to deliver shoes around the world to children in need. Please reach out and help spread the word of TOMS and their mission of “One for One” because together we can make a difference.  To get started on your gift of charity you can simply click on the banner below of go direct to TOMS Shoes website at TOMSShoes.com As always be sure to use one of our TOMS Coupons when ordering to save money on all the great things TOMS offers.

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