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Kids Shoes

by admin on May 5, 2011

Shopping for kid’s shoes that are both stylish and cute can sometimes be a hard task. Especially if your looking for a specific type of shoe like slip on kid’s shoes or velcro kid’s shoes. Often young kid’s will need this kind of shoe for school or while learning how to tie shoe laces. If this is what kind of kid’s shoes your looking for then this is the right place to find online kid’s shoes. TOMS kid’s shoes are some of the coolest shoes their are as well as when you purchase them TOMS will give a child in need a pair as well, so you will be helping children across the world with your kid’s shoes purchase.

Kid's Shoes

TOMS Shoes is a company dedicated to providing shoes to kids all over the world. Founder Blake Mycoskie, traveled to beautiful Argentina in 2006. Upon his arrival he discovered that the children could not afford a simple pair of shoes to wear. With his heart open to their plight, he decided to make a difference. TOMS was born. Today, American kids and those found around the world can wear the brand with confidence.

TOMS Kid’s Shoes

TOMS kid’s shoes come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Kids can wear their shoes in just about any setting. Some enjoy them at play, while others wear the same favorite pair to school. Parents can rest easy that these shoes will fit their budget while at the same time satisfy their kids’ needs.

Girl’s Kid Shoes

The girl’s line at TOMS fits both toddlers and youths. The shoes are made of a comfortable canvas material that fits just right on small feet. Colors range from pretty pink to denim. TOMS toddler line features a variety of patterns, designs and embroidery. Sizes range from T2 to Y11. The easy-to-snap strap helps little ones put on their shoes.

TOMS girl’s shoes are a little more vibrant. They come in bright shades of red to interesting plaid patterns in sizes of Y12 to Y6. Each type matches up with favorite outfits and accessories. The Pink Youth Sparkles model is popular with school-age girls. These shiny shoes also provide a suede insole for maximum comfort.

Boy’s Kid Shoes

Boy’s shoes come in colors perfect for him. Dark denim, natural and classic black are some of the colors your child may like. There are even some models with faces, special designs and other interesting features available for boys. Shoe sizes run Y12 to Y6.

TOMS Mission

Each time a customer purchases a pair of TOMS shoes, one pair is donated to another, less fortunate child in the world. The program is called One for One. It helps children attend school, stay healthy and reach their potential. Shoes are needed to protect kids from the germs that inhabit the ground. Some kids would not attend school if they do not have the required and much-needed shoes to do so. The One for One program reached the one million mark in 2010 and continues to do good works worldwide.

When it comes to comfort, style and dependability, TOMS is a step ahead of the rest. Join the millions of other families who enjoy shoes for moms, dads and kids. Order your pair of TOMS kids Shoes today and use one of our TOMS Shoes Coupon Code to save one your One For One order!

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