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TOMS Announces New Chapter For One for One TOMS Eyewear

by admin on June 7, 2011

Well it finally happened! TOMS finally made the highly anticipated announcement about their new ONE for ONE chapter! As we sat in anticipation and watched the clock tick away awaiting the announcement we were very excited to learn about TOMS next big thing.

Today TOMS announced that the next chapter to the TOMS One for One line would be ….. TOMS EYEWEAR!

TOMS Eyewear is the next chapter to the TOMS One for One edition. Blake MyCoskie Revealed a trip to Nepal wear he thought about a new product that could be contributed to the TOMS family. Blake felt no better line then to focus on vision. The TOMS Eyewear will help give vision to millions of people who is in need of vision. The TOMS eyewear will help prevent damage to cataracts that can cause blindness to individuals exposed to the sunlight.

TOMS Revealed very stylish eyewear collections that will follow the One For One Mission. This means as you wear your TOMS Eyewear you will not only remember the ONE for One Mission but a pair of eyewear will be given to people in need of eyewear that will help protect their eyes from harmful UV rays and restore vision.

TOMS Eyewear Revealing

This is Very Exciting for us and for TOMS! During the reveal they stated the new lines which would be as follows:

TOMS Eyewear

  • TOMS Classic 101
  • TOMS Classic 201
  • TOMS Classic 301

During the reveal TOMS and Blake MyCoskie addressed issues with vision around the world. People who struggle from harmful UV rays and direct contact of sunlight that is extremely harmful to their eyes. The need for TOMS glasses will help prevent and even restore possible blindness. TOMS eyewear will give people the opportunity to remember that they have helped someone in need. These new editions to the TOMS line will be a definite positive addition to the TOMS family. The TOMS eyewear will continue to hold the TOMS One for One mission which means with every purchase of TOMS glasses a pair will be given. This is truly great news for TOMS as well as the world as TOMS continues to help people around the world and provide TOMS glasses that will help protect eyes from harmful sunlight.

Support TOMS One For One Mission and help people in need and try out the brand new line of sunglasses! Be sure to check back often for new TOMS Coupon Code that will be sure to help you save on your orders of the new TOMS Eyewear!



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