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TOMS Aviator Sunglasses

by admin on September 25, 2012

TOMS.com makes making a difference simple. You buy quality sunglasses, a life is forever changed for the better with the gift of sight. With the purchase of Aviator Sunglasses by TOMS.com, giving the gift of sight is exactly what you will do. The TOMS Eyewear line are exceptionally crafted glasses with hand painted stripes. They are built to last and by far one of the best pairs of glasses we have owned. With every pair purchased we have been pleased with the level of comfort and the quality. We are confident you will love your sunglasses and have a special Promotional code just for you to save you money off.

TOMS One for One initiative provides needed eye care to an individual for every pair of sunglasses purchased. No, TOMS isn’t giving free sunglasses to people needing vision care. For every pair sold, people are provided with necessary prescription glasses, eye surgery, or other sight preserving medical care. One For One accomplishes this life changing work in partnership with eye care experts in areas where these vital services are sorely needed.

Try to imagine the difference One For One makes for each recipient. If you need your glasses to read or drive, take them off. Now, imagine not having them anymore and having no means of obtaining another pair. Imagine needing surgery for cataracts to preserve your sight and not being able to afford it, or having an eye infection with no way to get medicine to treat it. They addresses these issues and more. People in more than ten countries world wide have benefited from this endeavour.

Now that you know you can be part of something so impactful to human lives, all you have left to do is select your new shades. TOMS.com offers a wide array of options to fit your needs and personal style. Choosing from the many customizable options might not prove to be a quick task, but you are sure to come away with a quality pair of sunglasses that are “personally yours.”

Finding The Right TOMS Eyewear

Eyewear options for women include at least half a dozen frame styles with new polarized lens for each style. Once you select your style, TOMS.com allows you to pick your frame color, tip color and lens color and preview your customized sunglasses. Let’s suppose you select the Kigali style from the drop down menu under Women’s. Additional, easy to navigate drop down menus allow you to select your frame color, tip color and lens color.

Can I tell you? This author may soon be the owner of one stylin pair of pineapple colored TOMS Aviator Sunglasses with lemon colored tips and some classy gray-green lenses. Or maybe the Lhasa style with crystal sea foam frames, dusty rose and dusty blue tips, and gray gradient lenses.

Speaking of lens colors, great new shades of lenses are available for both men and women. You can’t get classier than the smoke gray, gray-green and solid brown lenses offered in the men’s polarized options. Speaking of the men’s options, there are four styles to choose from including the fun and casual Bamako and the Maseru option that says “I am a class act.”

The decision to purchase a pair of TOMS Aviator Sunglasses will make you part of something that improves lives by saving people’s precious sight. Deciding which pair to purchase? That decision will be slightly more difficult.

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