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TOMS Eyewear

by admin on June 7, 2011

TOMS Eyewear is a new line to the TOMS One for One family that revealed a very stylish line of glasses that will not only allow you to support the One For One mission, but they are very stylish as well. The TOMS Eyewear will give you the opportunity to wear your glasses proud and remember easily that you have helped some one in need of a pair of glasses. The TOMS Eyewear idea was discovered while Blake MyCoskie visited Nepal where he learned the big need for vision. The TOMS Glasses will not only help prevent loss of vision and blindness, but can help restore vision as well. This makes the TOMS eyewear line a huge contribution to the One for One family and we look forward to helping TOMS reach the goal of helping give One Million people their Vision!

We look forward to bringing you a full list of all TOMS Eyewear Product Lines and helping you find the pairs that will energize your style and bring on lots of conversations with people who ask about your TOMS Eyewear!

TOMS currently has lines for men and women.

TOMS Eyewear for Women

  • TOMS Classics 101
  • TOMS Classics 201
  • TOMS Classics 301

TOMS Eyewear for Men

  • TOMS Classics 101
  • TOMS Classics 201
  • TOMS Classics 301

The TOMS Eyewear Line can be purchased right at TOMS new TOMS Eyewear Section at TOMS.com

The TOMS, One for One™  Eyewear Line, means more than just giving eyeglasses. While prescription eyeglasses are a part of the holistic eye care TOMS supports, we have learned that people’s needs can be quite different. We’ve set up our approach to be able to address the most widespread needs. So one person buys a pair of TOMS glasses, and one person receives the eye care that he or she needs.

We deliver that care through partnerships with expert eye care organizations on the ground, which makes sense since we wouldn’t dare to pass ourselves off as eye care professionals. With our support, our Sight Giving Partners organize screenings right in the community to identify the people who need care. TOMS then helps our partners provide care in one of three ways:

Medical Treatment:
Treat a person’s sight-threatening condition such as infection, injury or disease, by administering medical treatment such as prescription medications and removal of foreign objects from the eye.

Prescription Eyeglasses:
Determine the corrective lenses a person needs and provide the right pair of eyeglasses. The patient gets to choose new frames and even check out their new look in a mirror. We’re told even the grandmas in Tibet insist on seeing their reflection to choose the right frames!

Sight-Saving Surgery:
Perform a commonly needed operation, such as cataract surgery, which can be a 15-minute procedure. Cataract surgery is particularly impactful as cataract is a leading cause of blindness in the world.

We are very excited to announce the Seva Foundation as our first Sight Giving Partner. Seva (which means “service” in Sanskrit) has been implementing sustainable blindness prevention and sight restoration programs for over 30 years. Seva programs and partners have helped nearly 3 million people in resource-poor communities around the world to see again. By supporting Seva’s initiatives, we are able to give even more people access to critically needed eye care.


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