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TOMS + FEED Web Exclusives For Women

by admin on April 18, 2012

TOMS 12 FEED Classics = 12 School Meals & One Pair Of New Shoes

TOMS has been making waves in fashion since they started selling shoes in 2006. Not only are their usual offerings casual, comfortable and affordable, but customers know that every pair of shoes purchased means another pair of shoes donated to a child in need. This goes with all items even if you use a TOMS Promo Code with your purchase. In fact, TOMS shoes are as much about the style as they are about being a responsible consumer who participates in making the world a better place.

Now TOMS has teamed up with another philanthropic group to bring TOMS FEED Shoes for both women and children. The shoes are the epitome of simple eco-style. They are constructed of natural burlap, which has an allover letterpress print in black and silver. Like all other TOMS for Women products, the shoes are vegan friendly, contain no animal products and are made for durability and comfort.

Features Of TOMS + FEED Shoes

  • Vegan friendly, using no animal products
  • Canvas insole with cushion for comfort
  • Latex arch insert for added support
  • One-piece outsole for flexibility and durability

Get Your TOMS + FEED Shoes!  - Order Now

The TOMS FEED Shoes go beyond the usual TOMS policy: Not only are a pair of shoes donated, but purchasing this pair of shoes also provides 12 school lunches for a hungry child. The team up between companies creates a win-win situation. Consumers are provided with a superior product, children in need are given basic necessities and, perhaps most importantly, the buzz generated by TOMS exclusive shoes raises awareness about the number of hungry children in our world.

Though FEED has a wide assortment of products like totes and accessories that help fund their cause, by collaborating to provide TOMS exclusive shoes, they have massively multiplied their effectiveness. The shoes are not just a single product to provide funding for children; they are a stage on which the FEED Project can introduce itself to a wider audience. Through this one product, already more people are awakening to the reality that so many children go hungry. FEED also strives to educate on the effects of hunger: Though we all know the stomach aches that come from a short-term fast, it is hard to grasp the effects of long-term hunger. FEED emphasizes that they have chosen to provide school lunches for this project because hunger can also permanently hurt a child’s cognitive abilities.

Any woman who believes that fashion and philanthropy are not mutually exclusive will view this collaboration as a model for other companies. The TOMS for women shoes allow women to use their consumer power for good as well as for themselves. Not only that, but these shoes are a walking advertisement for the companies. Wearing these shoes, a woman proudly proclaims that she believes in a better world, one where children can be fed and shoed.

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