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TOMS One Day Without Shoes 2012

by admin on March 2, 2012

Do children really need shoes?

Do you know that children without shoes face painful, life threatening infections and injuries?

Is it hard to imagine that millions of children in many underdeveloped countries have no shoes?

Who among us would go without wearing their shoes for a single day to improve the lives of these children?

TOMS One Day Without Shoes – April 10th, 2012

Actually, there are millions of people around the globe who will go without their shoes beginning April 10, 2012 so that children don’t have to.

Now after watching that you probably recall hearing about TOMS or maybe you’re already a huge fan! If not here is some useful information to help you understand TOMS and why so many people will be going without shoes.

TOMS is a well known brand that makes clothing, shoes and eyewear. They don’t identify their business as a traditional company but rather as a movement. To their great credit, they are committed to doing well as a business while doing good for people in need. TOMS is a leading edge, thought and action leader, combining commerce with social responsibility.

TOMS envisioned and inspired a worldwide movement called One for One. The One for One promise is as simple as it is powerful. For every pair of shoes TOMS sell, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. TOMS customers embrace the human linkage of their purchase with a child in need.

One for One generates awareness to the challenges of shoeless children by promoting a program called One Day Without Shoes. OneDayWithoutShoes is a grassroot, social media fueled effort to challenge supporters to go without wearing their shoes for an entire day. Shoeless people going about their daily business draws attention to the challenges for these children and the opportunity to help them through the One for One program. Supporters are eager to share the One for One story and to encourage others to join the movement.

One for One has exploded as a global social conscience movement. The simplicity of the idea and the massive impact of the results have captured the hearts and minds of people around the world. This special day allows many people to share why they are going without shoes. It allows the chance for people who truly care to be able to help share the need for shoes. While it has become such a global event every bit counts and it is important that it continues to grow so children don’t have to go without shoes.

TOMS One Day

The upcoming One Day Without Shoes event calendar will kick off on April 10, 2012. On that day, people in over 25 countries will begin hosting thousands of local events to celebrate this cause.

Official Hash Tag For April 10th, 2012 – #OneDayWithoutShoes

The momentum has grown to the point where One Day Without Shoes is now the number 1 trending topic on Twitter and Googles forth most selected search term. Over 500 schools and 1400 companies will join in the effort. Participating celebrities who will go without their shoes to raise awareness include Kenny Kravitz, Charlize Theron, Donna Karan, Sara Bareilles, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Kris Allen, Arianna Huffington, One Republic, Hands, Ryan Eggold, Matisyahu and dozens of others. Microsoft, AOL, Nordstrom and many other companies will participate.

One Day Without Shoes has created a powerful array of event support tools and creative awareness building ideas for groups of all types and sizes. Their website hosts DIY toolkits, a library of event ideas and an event planning database to announce and manage an event.

Hundreds of campuses such as Texas Tech, SUNY Oswego, Loyala, White Oak High School, NC State and NYU are working to energize their student body to support this effort. The OneDayWithoutShoes web tools are fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and many other social media platforms. People can go to the website to check out events in their area.

Event organizers have access to a wide range of awareness building aids such as rally signs, street stencils, pocket cards, stickers, banners, T-shirts and display templates that can be downloaded from the website.

There is also a Barefoot Challenge application on the website that enables any group of over 50 people to compete head-to-head with other groups in their efforts to gather pledges to go barefoot on One Day Without Shoes.

Take action today and order a pair of TOMS shoes to help a child in need. There is a variety of TOMS Shoes Coupons available that will give you some extra savings on your TOMS. These savings will help you get more TOMS gear and get ready for One Day Without Shoes.

Join in with us and the millions of people who will be taking a part of April 10th, 2012.. a day where we can raise the incredible need to help the children across the globe. Come follow us on Twitter by following @TheAutismUnited and join us 0n April 10th by using the hashtag #OneDayWithoutShoes to show our support.

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