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TOMS One For One Fans

by admin on June 8, 2011

I am not only a TOMS Shoes Fan but I am a TOMS ONE for ONE fan! Ever since I had purchases my first pair of TOMS Shoes I was hooked. Not only did I buy several more pairs later that day but it has kinda turned into my little addiction. I am certain that there are many other TOMS One for One fans out there as well that continue to find themselves on the TOMS website looking for the next pair to purchase.

How I became A TOMS One for One Fan

From the moment I learned about the TOMS One for One mission I knew that I wanted to be apart of the One for One Movement. On the day of my very first TOMS Shoes purchase I remember the feeling I got as I purchased the pair of shoes. I thought about a small child with sores on their feet and always having to deal with walking around trying to be a child while having to continuously watch where they are stepping. Some of the best moments in life come from being a kid and these children struggle every day with that opportunity. I enjoyed the warm feeling I was receiving as I knew that a child was going to receive a pair of shoes from my purchase. I imagined his face and smile as he is given his first pair of TOMS Shoes and how excited he would be as he runs over to sit down and try them on. How proud he would be to run around outside and show of his pair of TOMS. This feeling was such a rush that I returned to the store and purchased multiple pairs of TOMS and helped the TOMS One For One Mission. The feeling you get from purchasing TOMS is truly remarkable and I hope one day I can help on a drop and see the excitement as well as the need to continue to help. My name is Garreth and I AM A TOMS ONE FOR ONE FAN!

How You Can Become A TOMS One For One Fan

Becoming a TOMS One for One fan is very easy and extremely rewarding. TOMS makes it very easy to join the TOMS One for One movement and its as simple as buying yourself something. Whenever you purchase something from the TOMS website or local retailer TOMS will donate to a child in need. This allows anybody to help these children and the reward is the feeling you will receive as you too think about a young child smiling as he receives his pair.

Does TOMS Just Give Shoes Away?

TOMS is not just a shoe company but a One for One company. TOMS has become well known for their shoe drops around the globe however that is not all they give. TOMS also gives vision to people around the world. They have also given us all the opportunity to help them by placing the TOMS eyewear line in the One for One family. TOMS also has TOMS Eyewear, TOMS Clothing, TOMS Accessories, TOMS Decals and Flags, and much more. TOMS has given so many ways for people to get involved and help and amazing company with a mission to help the world.

Get involved and join TOMS in the mission to put feet on every child on the planet, restore vision in people who have none, and prevent diseases or death. You will become a TOMS One for One fan and together we can all make a difference. Always remember that TOMS wants to help as much as possible and they have provided some TOMS Coupons that will help you save on your order so even people who are on tight budgets can receive the great feeling you get when purchasing TOMS!

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