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Welcome to Autism United

When it comes to autistic children and adults, many people are led to believe that it is the most complicated ailment to deal with. Here at Autism United, your Autism Awareness community, we are dedicated to bringing you quality information and support so you never feel alone again. Those that deal with autism everyday know all about the importance of Autism Awareness and how the support behind many autistic resources is astounding.

Even though Autism is not a treatable ailment, scientists across the world are doing research studies having amazing breakthroughs yearly. Autism United feels that finding a Autism treatment may not happen tomorrow, but we are optimistic that if we all join together and be united we may discover more information soon. Stand together with us and bring Autism Awareness to its brightest form.

A Little About Autism With Autism United

Autism is a disorder that is usually first diagnosed in the early years of life. There are several main signs and symptoms of Autism that involve communication, social interactions and repetitive behaviors.

Studies have shown several different signs and symptoms with autistic children that tend to be the first signs of autism. These signs and symptoms include some of the following:

  • Problems speaking with others
  • Difficulty making eye contact during conversation
  • Lining up of items before focusing on other tasks
  • Repetitive use of sentences to calm themselves down
  • Extensive body movement to express moods
  • In some instances, inability to talk

Every person is different and may not show all signs or symptoms. This happens because autistic people have very different features and symptoms. Health care providers think of Autism as a “spectrum” disorder. Autism is becoming an easier diagnosis as more studies are done allowing family members to understand more about autism each year.

Autism Awareness In 2017

Autism awareness is so crucial to one day finding a cure to Autism. It is so important that the message is spread for the need to find treatments, cures, and possible prevention. Autism Awareness is so important that there is a day set out for the world to come together and have a World Autism Day. Join Autism United through out 2017 to continue to try to raise awareness and promote the need to treat after the diagnosis.


What Can Autism United Do?

Here at Autism United we are dedicated to raising Autism Awareness world wide. We work to help educate and bring information, research and specialist studies to one location giving you a highly researched, resourceful website for your Autism Awareness needs. While working hard, we also dedicate ourselves to speak out and reach others in need of assistance and help them be heard. Autism United will also work to stay on board with other Autism Awareness sites and resources reaching out and fundraising to help with research and those in need of some help.

Please check back often to see our rapidly growing site that will hopefully become a recognized source for Autism Awareness. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Autism, please feel free to contact Autism United and share your stories, information or just to say hello. We’d love to hear from you!

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