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TOMS Summer Of Sight

by admin on August 20, 2012

TOMS Summer of Sight is a campaign by TOMS to help 100,000 people around the world who need their sight saved or restored. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, originally wanted to help the many children of Argentina who had no shoes. Just as Friends of TOMS have given one pair of shoes to a needy person for every pair that is purchased, TOMS Eyewear will help one-for-one. TOMS Summer of Sight began in May, 2012 to coincide with the new TOMS Eyewear products that are smart and trendy to attract customers, so TOMS can achieve their aim of helping 100,000 people.

TOMS Summer Of Sight

The type of care that is given by TOMS Summer of Sight includes prescription glasses, medical care and sight-saving surgery. This care is administered by the Seva Foundation, a partner of TOMS.

Seva is based in northern California and for over 30 years has been implementing sight restoration programs and sustainable blindness prevention. The Seva Foundation has been giving innovative eye care in Africa, Asia and other places and is part of a global initiative to reduce visual impairment and blindness. Along with their partners, they have helped almost three million people see again and now TOMS Summer of Sight is aiming to add 100,000 more.

TOMS Summer of Sight is currently helping children in 11 countries including the United States, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tibet, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Paraguay. In the United States, there are 2 million children every year who need corrected vision in order to see and understand in school.

In other countries, education is the main factor relating to improved vision for children. Giving sight to children who have never seen or only seen with blurred vision is more than a gift of sight. It is a gift of a better future through education.

People, who want to join in the giving, can  order and help by simply purchasing a pair of sunglasses.

The styles, shapes and colors available include the Bamako Classic 102 a unisex style with bold frame front and alloy hinge-pin accents. The Masaru Classic 302, also unisex style that is a traditional pilot frame with added sleek angles for a contemporary look. The Kinshasa 202 is an oversized frame that has vintage butterfly angles. In the style of the freewheeling 60s and 70s, it suits most faces. All the frames can be fitted with gradient or solid lenses that match.

There are also polarized lenses for a wide variety of frame styles that have filters to block ultra-violet (UV) rays and glare. All of these styles and lenses can be virtually tried on TOMS.com.

TOMS Summer of Sight is a great benefit to the millions of women and girls who are not given eye care by their families. Poor families in many parts of the world give care to sons first. Since two-thirds of the people who are blind are women and girls, they get the help from TOMS Summer of Sight. The help they receive has immediate results in many of their lives. Eyeglasses and medication are given on the spot, and surgery is given within just a few days. Make the plunge today and help TOMS achieve the goal of 100,000 people helped. You can grab a promo code from our shop and place your order for any of the TOMS eyewear lines. Today you can get something truly great for yourself and you will be helping someone in real need!

TOMS Summer of Sight and the Seva Foundation are doing a great service to the blind and vision impaired of the world. This is a chance for people everywhere to participate and forward this mission.

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