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TOMS Wedges

by admin on July 11, 2011

TOMS  Women’s Wedge Shoes

Many wedge heel shoes on the market are both unattractive and seem uncomfortable to wear. TOMS Wedge shoes beat this trend by being both beautiful and comfortable looking, both the candy colored shoes and the shoes made in cool neutral colors. Even the linings of the shoes have appealing colors and patterns. They are all reasonably priced as well, costing either $69.00, or in the case of the delicious, hand painted wedges, $88.00. They come in sizes five to 12 and are perfect for summer.

View TOMS Women’s Wedges

TOMS Canvas Wedges

These shoes have wedge heels made out of what look like woven hemp or cork. An especially pretty example is the Grey Tie Dye Denim wedge, which is both playful, and with its gray color, calming. A closer looks shows why the shoe is so comfortable, as the insole is made of suede and has a rubber cushion. There’s also a suede insert in the 3 1/4” heel which probably makes it feel like a cloud even for women who aren’t used to high heels. The Black Canvas wedge is one of the few of TOMS wedges that has a self colored heel, and the welt looks like it’s trimmed with black braided ribbon. The effect makes for a very classy shoe. It also comes in ash gray.

Another of TOMS canvas wedges is made of red canvas, and another of a coral canvas that would look perfect on a coral beach. This shoe also has a 3 1/4 inch heel, though this heel is made of wood. Along with the insoles and inserts for comfort, this wedgie has a rubber outsole as well.

View TOMS Canvas Wedges

TOMS Calypso Wedge

Others of TOMS wedgies include the Black Calypso Canvas wedge, which is elegant enough for evening wear, while the Ash Calypso Canvas wedge is cool and sophisticated. A pretty, opened toed, elephant gray shoe, its lining looks like it has a gray and black net design. The inside of the Black Calypso shoe is solid black. A truly delectable version of TOMS calypso wedge is the Red Stripe Calypso canvas. This shoe is made of red and white striped canvas and is perfect for an outing on a boat.

View TOMS Calypso Wedges

Other TOMS Wedges

One of TOMS most elegant wedgies is a shoe in ivory grosgrain, which is elegant enough for a formal event, even a wedding, though it’s only $69.00. The Linen Pinstripe shoe is another shoe with a self colored heel. The Red Nautical Stripe wedge looks like the Red Stripe Calypso Canvas shoe, but it’s stripes are a bit wider and redder, and it has a wooden heel. The more expensive shoes, the Tyler Ramsey Coral, Olive and Asphalt wedges, are more expensive because they’re hand painted.

Available TOMS Wedges

  • TOMS Yellow Nautical Stripe Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Ash Calypso Canvas Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Red Canvas Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Coral Canvas Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Black Calypso Canvas Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Red Nautical Stripe Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Linen Pinstripe Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Ivory Grosgrain Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Kenya Stripe Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Grey Tie Dye Denim Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Tie Dye Denim Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Black Canvas Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Ash Canvas Women’s Wedges
  • TOMS Red Stripe Calypso Canvas Women’s
  • TOMS Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Coral Wedges
  • TOMS Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Olive Wedges
  • TOMS Tyler Ramsey Hand Painted Asphalt Wedges

All in all, TOMS Wedges are quite desirable footwear. They often sale out like little hot cakes and we suggest if your browsing them that you make your order quick. You may also check to see if we have a TOMS coupon code available you can use to save on your order!

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